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Occupational Health Software

Manage the clinical history of your patients and other processes of your medical service online easily, quickly and safely.


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Occupational medical exam load, admission, pre-admission, radiography

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Fitness concept

Final report of the concept of occupational medical aptitude

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Invoices module integrated with admissions

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Keep everything under control with automated inventory from the start

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Remove all the information that clients require from practiced procedures

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Clinical laboratory

Special module of clinical laboratory integrated to occupational medical exams

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Clinic history

Exams like optometry, audiometry, psychology, physiotherapy among many others

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Shift screen and clearer guidance for patients

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Logistics and monitoring

Check the current status of the services in progress

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he procedures communicate with your treasury

Clinical history, fitness concepts, optometry, exams and more

An occupational health software designed to consult information from your practice, medical center or IPS from any. At any time you can verify the information from a mobile device.

  • Laboratory
  • Vaccination
  • Psychology
  • Procedures ordered
  • Basic data
  • Evolutions
  • Optometry
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Occupational medical examination
  • Physiotherapy
  • Imaging
  • Diagnostic support
  • Heights
  • Visiometry
  • Psychosensometric
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Biometric Information

It allows to obtain the patient's data and their clinical histories to know which are the next appointments, it can be verified by means of fingerprint reader, digital signature and reading card gun.

  • Turner
  • Reading of identification cards with footprint
  • Reading of ballots with a pistol
  • Capture of signatures
  • Photos
  • Others
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Turn system

Depending on the classification or priority, you can take a quick turn to consult and / or verify the transfer of medical exams.

  • Tournament dispatch of shifts
  • Priority shifts, by appointment, business
  • ID card reading
  • Exam recognition
  • Basic data
  • View of turns in a row
  • Logistics
  • Consultation of pending exams
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Real-time medical reports

This platform is measurable, handles graphic and exportable reports that allow you to see the efficiency of your company. 
Through this tool you can have an exact detail of patients, total income and bills of the day.

  • Export in Excel, PDF
  • Creation of queries
  • Generation of listings
  • Impressions
  • Medical history by patient
  • Reports by companies
  • Customized rates
  • Report from entry to completion, the entire process step by step, minute by minute
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For every purchase we plant trees

For every user who registers on our IPS occupational health software site with any of its medical examination modules, we will be donating 100 trees to the Red de Árboles Foundation . Planting a tree!